Why use me as your travel planner?

Simply put, because I have a breadth of experience in the travel industry. It is what I do and spend hours on every day, making relationships with Tour Operators to get better pricing for my clients. I know the destinations and personally travel to them to experience first hand what my clients will when they travel. They more I know, the more I can share with everyone.

I will advocate for you when something goes wrong. I will spend hours on the phone getting your room corrected or to make sure you make your flight connection.

There is no piece of mind like someone
not on vacation ready to negotiate on your behalf.

Often times I save my clients money by knowing when the resorts are offering specials or sales. I work at having great relationships with the right providers which helps everyone. I get to know what my clients like and don’t like, and can plan their trips according to their wishes. Using a travel agent can save you both time and money.